June 23, 2011

8th Paramis: Aditthana (Resolve or Determination)

Hello Everyone,

May this find you well. I am happy to be back with you all again this Sunday to speak on the 8th Paramis which is Aditthana. Come and find out the four qualities to incorporate in cultivating Determination in our daily lives to accomplish the wholesome goals that we set out for ourselves. The process by which we experience working towards arriving at our goal(s) can truly take us to places in our practice that we never will have imagined. Come and find out how this can happen!

Also, after the dharma talk, we will have a presentation by Martha Kay Nelson who conducts grief workshops at Alameda Hospital and would like to create one for us and others in the community to come and participate in. Bring all your questions on Sunday night to ask of her, be they logistical or exploring different aspects of grief that you would like to suggest she consider incorporating in her proposed workshop.

I am looking forward to sharing Sunday evening with all of you in the support of our spiritual and daily life practice together,

much metta, Pauletta

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