June 28, 2011

8th Paramis: Aditthana Practice for the Week

Hello Everyone,

This week, if you would like to cultivate  Aditthana, here are things to remember and reflect upon:

Four Qualities of Aditthana:

1) Discernement : Setting wise goals/ having a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve this
2) Staying true to the goal
3) Relinquishment: Realizing that in order to go through the steps and process necessary to achieve our goals, some things may need to be given up
4) Peace: Keeping the mind calm during the process, no extra suffering, i.e. complaining, etc. and seeing if there is calm once the goal has been achieved.

Happy Practicing. Let me know how it goes at the check in on Sunday when we meet again for Metta.

Metta for your practice,

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