May 26, 2011

This Sunday: Tranquility :-)

Dear Friends,

We are more than halfway through our study of those 7 mental factors in our practice that lead to awakening.  Overall, there is mindfulness, and then the three arousing factors of effort, investigation and rapture, which we've covered.  Balancing these energizing factors are tranquility, concentration and equanimity. 

This Sunday we'll spend some time with tranquility.  The mind needs to relax to open to the full truth of what is.  Stopping, letting go, spending time in nature, simplifying -- these are some of the routes to that tranquil place in the heart that opens up to liberation.

I look forward to seeing you again, hearing about your efforts with Truthfulness (from last week) and sharing thoughts about how we can encourage tranquility of mind.

With metta,

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