May 23, 2011

7th Paramis: Sacca or Truthfulness Practice Guide for the Week

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for your attention last night. It was a great discussion.
So for this week, here are 2 practices with Wise Speech that you can try. Report back to me via email, the Alameda Sangha blog through comments and/or Rebecca when she teaches this Sunday night on the results of your efforts.
Focus on and do only one of the following but not both:
1) Deep Listening - Finding your breath as the anchor and moving it towards the background of your awareness, also bring some attention to your body, particularly the heart center and the belly areas. Do this right before listening to someone during your day. Set the intention to fully listen to what they are saying to you, allowing them to fully express themselves without interrupting (noticing your body sensations and how it may be reacting to something they say that may trigger a contraction or tightness), not finishing their thoughts for them out loud, and not conveying the semblance of listening but really waiting for them to finish so you can then say what you have been waiting to say back to them, and see how this verbal interaction is different from your usual ones.
2) Before saying something, to anyone, see if what you are about to say is true, helpful, kind and appropriate (good timing and not gossip). Remember that all these 4 aspects have to be in place in order for it to be Samma Vacca or Wise Speech.
May you all have a fruitful week of practice,
With gratitude and light, Pauletta

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  1. We talked a little about the difficulty of letting go of the outcome of our truthful speech. I know that is a big one for me.

    Today I realize deeper yet is truthfulness that comes from self knowledge, or the opposite. I know that I have a little disease in my body when I am speaking on shaky ground, speaking from a place that could use more silence on my part and more self awareness.