April 19, 2011

No Sangha meeting May 1; we will meet April 24

Dear Friends,

The week after this coming Sunday, on May 1, the church will hold its annual Bazaar, to which we are all invited.  Come to the Sangha meeting this next Sunday, April 24, and you can buy tickets which include a great chicken dinner and support Japanese recovery efforts.

Because the bazaar will be held in the church, it will not be available in time for our Sangha to meet that night.  We're letting you know now to give you plenty of notice.  I hope it isn't confusing.

We will be meeting this coming Sunday, April 24, when I will give a dharma talk on a very interesting Factor of Awakening:  pleasure.  So, come this week, and the week after that, go to the Bazaar!  We'll meet as usual after that, May 8 through the foreseeable future.

With metta,

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