March 31, 2011

This Sunday: Buddhism and Self-care

Hi everyone,
This week, we'll be discussing the topic of 'self-care', and seeing what aspects of Buddhadharma may be useful.  Last semester, I wrote a paper for my Buddhist psychology class that was exploring co-dependency, self-care, and the teachings of Buddhism.  So, this Sunday I'll go through some of what I brought up in the paper, and also make it alive by allowing us to discuss these aspects in our own lives.  I think the issue of self-care is a huge one, and may be growing in importance as the speed and complexity of our lives continue to increase, so I'd invite you to reflect about this in your life; and if it's a new idea, what do you imagine it could mean?

I hope that you join us, and that you enjoy the beautiful weather until then.
With care,

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