March 28, 2011

6th Paramis: Khanti or Patience Practice Guide 2 (practices for the week and reminders)

Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday. It was great to hear your check-ins and listen to how many of you applied effort and sati this week. The Khanti recording of the dharma talk last night is on the blog if you'd like to review it or for those who were not there.
Remembering that there are three kinds of cultivation of patience:
1) Patient Perseverance,
2) Patience under Insult and
3) Patience as acceptance of truth.

It would be most skillful to focus on one of the three for the week. Here are some suggestions:
1) Patient Perseverance - despite some discouragement or unmet expectations in a particular endeavor that you set out to do i.e. sitting practice but there's lots of mental activity, researching and having to fill out millions of gov't forms in order to hopefully get some monthly benefit for an aging parent, etc. pause and set the intention to persevere, watching your potential external reactions in the beginnings of the internal reactivities that could begin percolating.

2) Patience Under Insult - when someone is unkind or disparages us, try not responding. Pause, breathe and wait it out. (this is where it can feel that one is being unduly  taken advantage of) remember......
"Things get worse by responding to anger with anger.
By not returning anger with anger one gains two victories:
One pursues the welfare of both oneself and the other
And, knowing the other is angry, one mindfully keeps one's own peace."
(SN 1.222)
With practice, patience under insult gets easier to cultivate and the rewards will be many.

3) Patient Acceptance of the Truth
Take it upon yourself to research and learn more about one of the three characteristics of existence: dukkha, anicca or anatta. Only pick one. Or, research and learn more about the Four Noble Truths or the Eight Fold Path. In learning about the Eight Fold Path, reflect on how making the intention to use it as a guide for living one's life, it will impact one's life and what might change as a result.

Even though I won't be back for a while, you can share your practice of khanti with me on the Alameda Sangha blog site. I will still be communicating from my laptop while I am away.
Don't forget to think about taking the Inner Critic workshop in May and talking it up to all whom you know that may be interested. I left cards under the Buddha in the church.

I will miss you all. Take care and I will carry your spirits on my travel, much metta,

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