March 24, 2011

6th Paramis: Khanti or Patience Guide lus 2 more Japan Earthquake Relief Links

Hello Everyone,
Thanks to Laurel and Tarrin, we have 2 more good choices of how to help Japan in their time of need. They are: and another is  Any questions please ask Laurel and/or Tarrin on Sunday.
Hopefully you have had some lightness in working to cultivate viriya this week. I have been struggling along because the constant rain makes it so difficult to do a simple task, like walking the dog and bagging his poop while balancing the umbrella, or walking across the street with both hands full of groceries and an umbrella in tow, or driving in blinding rain and hoping that the drivers alongside of you are mindfully going a little bit slower to be safer.........need I say more? But hey, what is the message here that we have been trying to pass on to all of you from our own direct experiences in our lives (Rebecca, Anthony and I)? It's our relationship to what is happening that we can practice with. So as I was walking the dog, I was feeling the irritation with the pelting rain, feeling the aversion in the body which really felt like a low grade grumbling in the chest area. It was not pleasant! I will let you all know on Sunday if there will be an improvement in my attitude towards the rain by the end of the week!!! We shall see!
So this Sunday, come and learn three ways to practice Patience or Khanti. This is my personal favorite Paramis because I have so little of it! Particularly when there is lots of aversion in a given moment in daily life.
Here is a wonderfully inspiring quote from "Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life" by Shantideva, translated by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Those who cause me suffering are like Buddhas bestowing their blessings. (ahem - this comment is mine and not part of the text)
Since they lead me to liberating paths why should I get angry with them?
'Don't they obstruct your virtuous practice?'
There is no virtuous practice greater than patience;
therefore I will ever get angry
with those who cause me suffering. (ahem ahem - me again)
If, because of my own shortcomings,
I do not practice patience with my enemy
it is not he, but I, who prevents me from practicing patience.
(it all comes down to our relationship to dukkha and what we do with it. Right, guys?  I found this to be such words of wisdom and so applicable to us, in the 21st century- my comments)
So come and hear more pearls of ways to cultivate patience - a much needed perfection that we can hopefully influence others by being ourselves in our life and times today!
Much metta,

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