March 21, 2011

5th Paramis: Viriya or Energetic Effort Practice Guide 2 (Practices for the Week)

Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday. May this find you well. So no word back yet from Pastor Michael about what we can do to help this church help Japan, but anyone is welcome to try calling the Buena Vista United Methodist Church weekday mornings between 9 and noon as that is when people are in the church office working. If I hear back from him by Thursday, I will send out any information I get through the weekly email that announces and describes the topic for Sunday the 27th upcoming.
SO here are the practices in attempting to cultivate Viriya this week:
1) Sit a little longer (during sitting meditation)
2) Eat a little less food.
3) Be willing to be with the hindrances in either sitting or daily life without trying to fix it, or push it away.
4) Sit and vow not to move no matter what.
5) Try sleeping less.
6) Change a familiar habit, especially if the mind feels like there is too much efforting.
7) Persistence Exercise: when engaging in an activity as we go through the day, practice paying attention to the quality of our mids, especially in just beginning the activity. This exercise touches a bit on mind training techniques. Another book I highly recommend is The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. In it, his interviewer who is a Western psychologist from Arizona, at the beginning of the book, asked him point blank, "What can you do to have happiness in your life?" and the Dalai Lama responded by saying, "Mind training" It's a quick and inspirational read and when it first came out, it was number one on the NY Times Bestseller list for months!
Have a great week, much metta,

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