March 16, 2011

5th Paramis: Viriya or Energetic Effort

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all faring well despite these gray and wet days............

If it is important to offer as a teaching once, it's worth offering again! Come and find out why the Buddha conveyed the significance of the quality of Viriya by including it on many lists in the Buddhist teachings! Last week, you heard it as part of the 7 Factors of Enlightenment, this Sunday you will hear about energetic effort as it manifests as the 5th Paramis on the list of 10 Paramis, Viriya is also one of the 5 Faculties and one of the 8 ways to practice on the Noble Eight Fold Path.

This Sunday, you will be offered how we experience viriya in our practice and daily life and how it functions with particular emphasis on balancing the forces so it's neither too strong and heavy handed as far as effort or too light. Lastly, you will be offered ways to practice with viriya in daily life. With the grayness of the days, I bet it has been challenging to unleash viriya in both our sitting practices as well as in our moment to moment experiences. I am looking forward to your check-ins this Sunday to see how you all fared. I know it has definitely been challenging for me.

Looking forward to sharing with all of you, much metta,


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