February 17, 2011

3rd Paramis: Nekkhama or Relinquishment Practice Guide

Hello Everyone,

Hope that you are all having a fruitful week of practice and wholesome daily living.

Nekkhama is the third Paramis that we will explore this Sunday. It's unfortunate translation from the Pali to English is renunciation. In the Pali, it means an ease with simplicity or the recognition of the usefulness of simplicity in one's life and spiritual practice. Rather than a giving up as is the sense of the English word renunciation, the real meaning of nekkhama points to a relinquishment or letting go.

Come and share ways in which you have already begun to practice and cultivate nekkhama in your lives. (Maybe in ways you are unaware of!) Looking forward to hearing your insights..........

Also, I highly recommend that you watch The Dhamma Brothers. It is an inspiring documentary (available on Netflix) about how vipassana meditation has transformed the nation's most hardened prisoners at Donaldson Correctional Center in Alabama. It is such a good in-depth exploration on how vipassana works and how it can transform extreme dukkha into a wonderful sense of peace and serenity, that I have bought a copy for the sangha and intend to circulate it amongst you all so you can take turns watching it.

Also attached are: The information/postcard about the 1/2 daylong Anthony and I are teaching at Island Yoga on the 26th. And the info/postcard about our 4 day Inner Critic workshop in May.

See you all this Sunday, may you have a harmonious rest of your week,


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