February 10, 2011

This Sunday: A Humble Approach; and a request!

Hi everyone,
I (Anthony) will be leading the sangha this Sunday.  I hope many people can make it so we can have some time together exploring the topic of humility, and how it impacts our awareness and our ability to understand.  I love this subject, so I'm going to keep it simple here, but I hope many of you will be there this Sunday.

A couple of other things:  Pauletta, Rebecca, and I want to ask if any of you are interested in taking a little more of an active role in the sangha (community) by arriving ten to fifteen minutes earlier to help us set up.  It will be quite simple and would just involve arranging chairs, setting up the altar with the Buddha, making sure heater is on if necessary, etc.  We would appreciate the support this would provide for us and the entire community.  And, ideally, we would have a few people interested so that it could rotate so one person isn't responsible every Sunday.  Please reply to this email, and then we'll go from there as far as arranging further details.  Thanks for considering this, and thanks in advance for your generosity.

Lastly, as many of you know, Pauletta and I will be leading a half-day retreat on Feb. 26th, 12-6pm.  Please go to the website (below) to see details, and email Pauletta in order to register.  It will help us to prepare if we know how many are coming.  Also, there are minimal chairs at the yoga studio, so if you plan to sit in a chair, you may want to bring your own folding chair if you have one.  (We can always make it more comfy with yoga blankets, so a simple chair will work.)

Alright, thanks for your patience and attention, and I hope to see you Sunday.
With care,

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