February 28, 2011

4th Paramis: Panna or Wisdom Practice Guide #2

Hello Everyone,
Hopefully you are all enjoying the sun today.
Remembering the 4 aspects of Panna as: 1) Cognitive - understanding and knowledge (Pick one of the main teachings of the Buddha to read and study this week, i.e. The Four Noble Truths, seeing how sila and dana can work well together in your daily life, the 8Fold Path, or one of the three characteristics of existence, Annica - impermanence, dukkha - dissatisfactoriness or anatta - non self.
2) Insight - practice watching your thoughts come and go in sitting meditation or for a period of time (like 1 hour) in daily life, really observing their ephemeral qualities. Listen to my talk on Mind Training and see if you can try some of the tools for yourself.
3) Liberating discrimination - our ability to make distinctions between options, perspectives and then to choose a path to follow. Track this when a situation comes up for you in daily life where you find yourself able to have clear thinking in order to go systematically through the steps without being charged or upset in order to reach a wholesome response.
4) The mind which does not cling - try to imagine what it would feel like if your mind was nnot being burdened by  preoccupations, fear, ambitions or desire.
Remember to reflect and ask yourself, (in order to develop discernment) what is skillful? What's unskillful? What can I do that will lead to long-term happiness?
Have a fruitful week of practice, with gratitude, Pauletta

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