February 24, 2011

4th Paramis: Panna or Wisdom Practice Guide

Hello Everyone,

Hoping you have had a fruitful week of practice with nekkhama. I failed miserably with one incident that I will share at check in, but at least I noticed that I was doing it while it was happening! As I've said before, the practice is not a magic bullet but with persistence, we can only get better in our lives with ourselves and others!

I received what I am designating as the Alameda Sangha copy of the film, The Dhamma Brothers, so I will bring it this Sunday to begin lending out. Maybe one of you can organize a film night at your house, if a few of you are wanting to see it this week. Remember, after the actual documentary, it's best to also look at the Extras on the Main Menu.

Don't forget about the daylong this Saturday at Island Yoga (flyer attached). It's filling up nicely but we can always accomodate more. Come and see how to deepen and intensify your practice a few notches more for more serenity and benefits to daily life.

Finally, this Sunday, come and learn about cultivating 4 aspects of wisdom or panna which is the principal tool on the path to enlightenment. Panna is simply the act of knowing, understanding and discerning that leads to transformation. Buddhism itself has often been referred to as the wisdom tradition so we can see that this Paramis is quite significant as part of the path of awakening and liberation.

Looking forward to seeing all of you this Sunday,

Much metta, Pauletta

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