February 21, 2011

3rd Paramis: Nekkhama or Relinquishment Practice Guide #2

Hello Everyone,

May this find you well and rejuvenated from the 3 day weekend.

As I closed with last night, here are the Three Ego Renunciation Practices from Phillip Moffit. Best to pick only one to practice with and remember to watch your mind each time you remember to practice the renunciation. What does the ego begin to do? Get angry, justify, strategize or feel sorry for itself?Notice any feelings of liberation from movement away from being solely motivated by desire.

1) Renounce your attachment to being right.
2) Commit to no longer measuring the success of your life by how many of your wants are met.
3) Give up being the star of your own movie.

If any strong responses, questions or need to share experiences come up for any one of you, remember that our blog is the perfect place to post a comment and carry on an ongoing conversation about this Paramis for this week.

See you on Sunday when we will be exploring the 4th Paramis of Panna or wisdom.

Have a fruitful week of practice, much metta, Pauletta

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