January 6, 2011

2nd Paramis: Sila or Virtue Practice Guide

Hello Everyone,

Two cool things to report: First, I sent off checks to the Buddhist Global Relief from your generosity last Sunday totaling $145!!! Thank you all so much for your dana. I'm sure Bhikku Bodhi and his staff will greatly appreciate it. Second, thanks to our wonderful techie, Susan Haumeder, we now have a blog for the sangha that we can have conversations about our practice on with each other during the week. Check out the link below under the link to the website.

This Sunday, please join the sangha in what I hope will be lively discussion and deep reflection on how the 5 precepts in Buddhism align with our inner values. Last Sunday, when I spoke about the 1 st Paramis of Dana, I mentioned that the Buddha talked about advising the steps to take to anyone asking him how they could embark upon a path of spiritual practice.  They are: to understand the importance and benefits of the practice of dana, the practice of ethics or virtue (sila!! the second Paramis!), practices of calming the mind through concentration practice, vipassana practice, and once awakened, once again the practice of dana in the form of service to others.

I am looking forward to struggling with the "tough" questions that can arise when one considers one's inner values and how they affect oneself and our relationships with others. Hoping to see you all there,

Metta and Gratitude, Pauletta

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  1. One of the things I really observed this week was that in reaction to some dukkha I was experiencing in daily life, a family member reacted in a charged manner so that the subtle implication was that I should not be expressing myself in the manner I was doing so. The inner critic was definitely manifesting at this time, though at first it certainly wasn't very apparent.
    The message from the teachings is that the person caught up (hooked) in suffering often doesn't have the extra spaciousness to deal with the difficult emotions. It would be an act of infinite dana to be reached out to instead of being reacted against in self defensiveness and non-listening.