January 10, 2011

Reflection for the Week - Five Precepts

Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday to y'all. So the reflection for the week is to focus on one of the five precepts, practicing and reflecting upon it to see how it aligns with your inner values.
The five precepts are:
1) Refraining from harming sentient living beings
2) Refraining from taking what isn't offered to you
3) Refraining from false speech
4) Refraining from sexual misconduct
5) Refraining from intoxicants to include drugs, alcohol and caffeine

Also, one of  our beloved sangha members Bob Doerr, the psychotherapist amongst us approached me last night and as another beautiful gesture of dana practice (thank you for sharing your beautiful stories of dana practice at check in last night - they were so inspiring and moving) would like to offer any one of you pro bono mediation services. (one time but not one session, I believe is how he worded it) So please do contact him directly if you are in need of this at some point in your daily lives. He specializes in mediation for divorces and has also worked with many gay and lesbian couples.
I will see you all sometime next month for the 3rd Paramis, nekkhama or Renunciation. Come and see how refreshing the practice of nekkhama is and how unlike what your expectation and/or preconceived notions may be of its inaccurate English translation - renunciation!!
Wishing you all a fruitful week of practice and mindfulness,

Much metta, Pauletta
Pauletta M. Chanco

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