January 13, 2011

Good Thoughts / Bad Thoughts Sunday 7-8:30pm

Thoughts can be wonderful, or they can be a torment.  They can let us find improvements and
solutions,  or they can take over our minds like weeds.  We often think of thoughts as good or bad, but are they?  Are we responsible for them, so that if we think bad thoughts, then we are bad?  What can we do with a head full of horrors, or of blissful fantasy?

Through practice, we can use "right effort" to cultivate mind states free from suffering.  What does that mean?  Where do we begin coping with bad thoughts, and how do we pick and use the good ones?

We will look at these questions this Sunday, Jan. 16 from 7 – 8:30 pm at the Buena Vista Methodist Church.  Bring a friend (or a stranger) and any more questions you can think of about thoughts.  We'll look for answers together.

With metta,

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