December 22, 2010

Working with The Inner Critic on Sunday the 26th 7-9 pm

Hello Everyone,
Looking forward to offering from my own direct experience this Sunday, what I know of working with the Inner Critic. It is essential to spend the time and energy overcoming this severe self-judge because he/she can really destroy our relationships, hinder our progression on the spiritual path and affect most other aspects of our daily life creating unneccessary dukkha.

With some mind training techniques and other suggestions from the Buddhist teachings on aversion, you can set up a plan of action to start working with before the New Year begins.
Attached, please find the double sided postcard with information about the daylong that Anthony and I will co teach in February.

Also, I attached the handout from this past January 2010 with 2 suggestions for deepening your practice. Pick only one of them to do for 2 months in the New Year and journal your observations. Then you can share your findings during check in and break at the sangha. I did the first activity, adding on 1-2 extra meditation sittings to my day (earlier this year) and the results were phenomenal. I am definitely inspired to try it again and work to free my schedule from its fetters to practice.
Hoping to see you this Sunday the 26th.........

Be well, Pauletta

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