December 27, 2010

This week's work with the inner critic

Hello and much gratitude for coming last night,
It was inspiring to see how many of you are so interested in working with the inner critic and overcoming his/her destructive effects on your life.

So the work for this week: Reflect on the triggers (situations) that encourage the arriving of the judge in your mind and what you can do to avoid these triggers if possible, or if not, how you can work with the judge so he doesn't continue to have a destructive effect on your life, your psyche and your mind.
Personalize your own metta phrases that you can practice saying to yourself each morning and at other times during the day, to break the trance of stress, anxiety or fear. This may even help with papanca (the Pali word for mental proliferation).
The classic phrases for metta practice are: May I be  happy, May I be safe, and May I live in peace and harmony. You can work to customize your own metta phrases from these.
Remember that this can be emotionally challenging work so direct lots of compassion towards yourself during the investigation process. Best to have someone you can trust to talk with, and get as much support from others as you can. Think about our workshop on Working with the Inner Critic in May 2011 as during the four sessions Anthony and I will offer, we will delve deeper in grounding support of one another in working with this difficult issue through exercises that we will offer and as much sharing with each other as all are comfortable with in a very safe container.
Looking forward to seeing you all this coming Sunday the 2nd and hearing about the reflections you may have done this week. Happy New Year!

Much metta, Pauletta

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