December 29, 2010

This Sunday January 2nd at Alameda Sangha: The 10 Paramis: Dana (Generosity)

Hello Everyone,
May this find you well and looking forward to the New Year.
By popular requests, I will be starting the 10 Paramis as I did in January of this year. These are the 10 Perfections of the heart and mind that we try to cultivate in order to reach liberation. The practices are uplifting and I look forward to offering the talks on each one once again.

This Sunday, we will be starting with the first Parami, which is Dana or Generosity. In conjunction with the talk,  my daughter Natasha will be speaking about the Buddhist Global Relief which is a really amazing organization started by the Venerable Bikkhu Bodhi (A NY monk trained in Sri Lanka who was responsible for translating most of the discourses of the Buddha into English.) that addresses world hunger including within the United States.

Hoping to see most of you there, much gratitude for your practice,

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