December 15, 2010

This Sunday: INSPIRING STORIES: How we started the path to Liberation

Hello Everyone,
This Sunday the three of us, Anthony, Rebecca and I will be teaching. We thought it would be insightful and inspiring if we shared how we each came to the path leading to awakening. Hope to see most of you there to offer our stories.

FYI, after this Sunday, I will be teaching for the Sundays during the holidays. On the 26th, will be an exploration of The Inner Critic or Judge and how to work with him/her because if we don't and this is an issue for us, then it will certainly obstruct our progression on the path and even lead us off the path entirely.
Jan 2nd, I will be starting the 10 Paramis or Perfections of the Heart and Mind that lead us to awakening and liberation.

Lastly, the three of us, all have talks on the website, under Audio if you would like to give a listen in between our meetings.
Hoping to see you all. If you get caught up in the holiday rush and stress this week, remember to pause, breathe and collect your mind before doing the next thing

Much metta and gratitude, Pauletta

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