December 9, 2010

This Sunday: Beyond Orthodoxy

Dear Friends,

Last week we took a look into the dark places of our minds and hearts, where mindfulness and compassion bring light and healing.  The same technique we use the first time we meditate can be used to turn our internal darkness into enduring illumination.  We practice directing our attention, over and over, from idle thinking to mindfulness of the present moment as we experience it through our body's senses.  Wise Effort uses this capacity to direct attention, as Thich Nhat Hahn puts it, to "water the flowers, not the weeds."  We simply withdraw the energy of our attention from states of mind that lead to suffering, and shower nourishing attention on mindstates that lead to real happiness.

This coming Sunday, Dec. 12, we're going to look, "Beyond Orthodoxy."  First, we'll have to determine what is 'orthodox' in Buddhism.  What, actually, is Buddhism?  Where did it come from, how did it get this way and where is what it is now going?  As we practice, how do we stay inside the lines of what's "correct?"  And just how much do any of these questions matter?  Join us Sunday and help us find out.  Tell your friends about our group, practice the ultimate dana and invite them to share the dharma (whatever that is) with us.  It should be fun.

Best wishes,

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