November 18, 2010

This Sunday: The Sense Door of Hearing

Hi everyone,

This week I'll explore the topic of our senses.  Isn't it amazing that everything we take in is experienced through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch?  And then our mind can get involved and be pretty creative as well, and the mind is included as the sixth sense door in Buddhism.  I have found a good way to explore the senses is by looking at one specifically.  Hearing is very effective for this due to its apparent objectivity and seeming harmlessness.  Rarely we do encounter sounds that are actually physically painful, but we are always perceiving/interpreting sounds as they enter our awareness, and these often end up as pleasing, disliked, or ignored.  What can we learn from this process?

Well, I hope to see many of you this Sunday at 7pm, and I hope many of you arrive curious.

With care, Anthony

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