October 13, 2010

This Sunday: The Difference between True and Ordinary Happiness

Hello Everyone,

We will be talking about the difference between true and ordinary happiness. Ordinary happiness is the kind that doesn't last.....when we mistakenly think that pleasure (whether from an experience, time with someone, acquiring something, etc.) = happiness.

True happiness is that of the Buddha's and it's when we are no longer governed by having to change a particular experience or situation, manipulating and controlling people, circumstances and events in order to have a certain outcome. When we can let go of the tendency to grasp, crave or resist (aversion), and rest in equanimity and peace with what is in the true nature of reality, then we can be truly happy.

There will be some overlap in the content of this offering between the workshop on Saturday and our meeting Sunday night, the difference being that for us, what I will offer on Sunday will be more expanded with a few more stories to illustrate the differences.

Hope to see you all there and looking forward to our check-in with the suggested practices for the week,

Much metta, Pauletta

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