October 11, 2010

Suggested Practices for the week: Cultivating Mindfulness and Wisdom

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the newcomers last night. Here are the practices I suggested you try for the week:
1) Every hour of your waking moment, choose one minute to just be mindful. Close your eyes if you can and bring your attention to your breath for that one minute several times during the day. By the end of the week, observe any changes.

2) When caught up in dukkha (suffering; dissatisfactoriness), stop and take a deep breath and ask yourself, where is the grasping, craving and/or aversion? That will be the source of the dukkha.

3) Take some time to reflect back on something unskillful and/or unwholesome that you feel some regret about. Investigate and see how it caused suffering for yourself and possibly others and what you can do to try to do this differently in the future.

4) When faced with a dilemma to resolve, develop wise discernment by asking the three questions: a. What's skillful? b. What's unskillful? and c. What can I do that will lead to long term happiness?

Just pick one of the above to really spend time focusing and practicing with. I look forward to your check-ins this coming Sunday the 17th when the topic will be " The difference between ordinary and true happiness."

Happy practicing!

Alameda Sangha
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@ Buena Vista United Methodist Church
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