October 4, 2010

Reflection/exercise for the week of Mind Training

Hello Everyone,

Glad and hoping all who came last night profited well from our fruitful discussion and investigation into the Mind.

Just a reminder for the week of what I started out the talk with: To set the intention (before a meeting at work, an encounter with friend or foe, some pleasurable experience that you are looking forward to having) to watch your body sensations and what your mind does and/or says around the episode. This is the off the cushion practice.

In your sitting practice, try to see if there were moments of dukkha in your day (everyday this week if you can) in which you could have eased it by not buying into what your mind was telling you around that particular moment of dukkha. What was the mind heaping on top of the actual dukkha that you were experiencing (whether it was a moment of irritation at someone or something that happened, ) that was just extra baggage that it would have been possible to extricate or choose not to engage in to lessen the actual dukkha that was happening?

May you all have fruitful practice this week,

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