October 18, 2010

Practices for working with the second arrow this week

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a peaceful night's sleep last night. Here are 2 good practices to try to do this week:

The first is something I offered last week which was:
1) to observe when you notice you are experiencing dukkha in your daily life (or even when you are sitting if a bad memory comes up for ex). Then ask yourself the question, where is the craving, grasping or aversion? Watch what your mind does around this few minute mindful activity.
2) If you forgot and popped off in reactivity sometime this week or realize that you are obsessing over some problem for which you don't have a solution yet, explore during reflection, how you may be shooting yourself with the second arrow and if there is a way to lighten up around it, or let it go.

Have a fruitful week of practice,
Metta, Pauletta

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