October 4, 2010

With Gratitude for Sunday Night Sangha

Hi Pauletta,

I'm sending this to Tarrin and David, as those are the only other email addresses I have. Could you please forward this to Bob, Mary, Colleen and Natalie?

I just wanted to thank everyone for being a part of an evening that was very inspirational and uplifting to me. First, I want to thank Pauletta for her wonderful talk tonight. Maybe I was just ready to hear it, but I heard many things that will be very helpful to me and that I can continue to use as valuable tools in my future steps toward the proverbial enlightenment that we all seek.

I also appreciate that we have a space open to us every week where we can come together and explore the path toward less suffering, more loving kindness and greater compassion at all of our individual paces (gee, maybe you should also forward to Rebecca and Anthony). What wonderful people you all are to be so willing to share your vulnerability, fears and questions with all of us. And let's not forget joy. And calm. And forgiveness. And compassion.

On the way home, Tarrin and I spoke about how the session had been for each of us. I personally had one of the most productive, inspirational, enervating and uplifting "sits" I have ever had. I opened my eyes to hear Pauletta speak about things that addressed some of the personal challenges that I suddenly felt empowered to face and grow through. I'm still feeling the glow. And, although there had been talk amongst us of the gloomy outlook and massive uncertainties in today's world, Tarrin had a wonderful thing to say about her hopes for having children despite those uncertainties. She said that at one time she had been very scared about what the world was coming to and how unfair it would be to bring a child into this mess. A friend pointed out to her that if SHE didn't have any children, it would leave the birth of the next generation to people who might not be as thoughtful or responsible about raising those children as Tarrin would be. Who better to have and raise the next generation than people like Tarrin - and, from my perspective tonight, all of you who are so willing to turn inward and examine those things that are not always easy to explore. From Mary, worrying about her grown son, to Natalie, loving her friend's 2-year-old, it just made me happy to think of all of you raising the bar in my world. I choose to play with you, and you, and you, and you, and, well, just all of you.

Thanks for an evening well spent! Much metta and (as Anthony signs off) may you be loved! Larel.

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