September 13, 2010

So what do we do once we unmask the root underneath the hindrance?

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your sharing last night - it was really rich and much courage was revealed overall to work with the Hindrances (Nivarana).

So if fear underlies aversion, we can investigate and see if it is based on a belief about what may or may not happen in the future, whether there is anything we can do to alleviate it, either through further examination, discussion with someone who would understand what we are going through, and to try to relax and breathe into the part of the body that contracts in the fear.

If sensual desire is masking sorrow, unmet needs, stress, or other things we may be trying to avoid by indulging in the sensual desire, this is where our real work begins. We need to first be with the sorrow, unmet need, stress etc. feel it in the body, how it manifests and then when some acceptance of it arrives, begin to investigate it further if necessary.

RAIN is the universal mnemonic that we can use as a tool to learn to work with all things difficult: emotion, thoughts, hindrances.

R is for Recognition of what is arising that's difficult and challenging.
A is for Acceptance that it is present.
I is for Investigation when we attempt to detach ourselves somewhat from the difficulty so we can examine it more closely.
N is for Non-identification with the difficulty. Knowing that we are not the anger that is present nor that we are an "angry" person, that the difficult state like every other conditioned state that arises is impermanent and will pass.

May you all have a fruitful week of practice and living in your daily lives,


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