September 6, 2010

Practicing with the Hindrances of Sensual Desire and Aversion for the rest of the week - Antidotes, and quotes, announcement for a daylong on Practicing with Physical LImitations next Sunday at East Bay Meditation Center

Hello Everyone,

Really enjoyed coming back after a long time away last night. Welcome to Sue Baizerman who came for the first time.

For those who weren't there last night, Rebecca wanted me to announce that there will be a daylong course next Sunday at the East Bay Meditation Center on "Practicing with Limitations".

From Analayo on Sensual Desire, "The particular dynamic of sensual desire is such that, every time a sensual desire is gratified, the act of gratifications fuels ever stronger subsequent manifestations of the same desire."

Antidotes to sensual desire: contemplating the potential harm indulgence can cause, or the inevitable end of all things physical and how briefly satisfaction lasts (anicca or impermanence); Recall your intention to practice

Antidotes to aversion: realize that aversion itself is a form of suffering and offer loving-kindness to yourself and the object of your ill-will. As per Analayo, "...often the irritating or repulsive feature of phenomena has received undue attention." (here he is referring to anger or disgust one may have towards another being. He goes on to say, "A direct antidote to such one-sided perception is to ignore the negative qualitites of whoever is causing one's irritation, and to pay attnetion instead to whatever positive qualities can be found in him or her" (I'm definitely not denying the difficulty of practicing this antidote, because particularly in regards to the level of intensity of aversion we have towards someone, our mind just doesn't want to incline to looking at their positive qualities, however it is still worth trying. I've been successful a few times with one person in particular in my life, but then I seem to slide right back into aversion again the next time. But at least I'm recognizing it and not just automatically reacting anymore) Last antidote is to try to relax and bring warmth to the parts of our body that are manifesting the aversion strongly.

Next Sunday, I will be speaking about the remaining 3 hindrances, restlessness and worry, sloth and torpor and doubt. I look forward to hearing your check-ins if you decide to undertake some practice with the first two hindrances this week. Happy practicing! Remember metta and don't judge yourself harshly. The rewards will come slowly but in a deep way if we persist!

Much metta and gratitude for you all, Pauletta
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